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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why choose granite?
    Granite is one of the hardest stones available with a rating of 7 on the Mohr's Hardness Scale, putting it just behind the diamond. Granite is the premium stone in the housing industry. It is highly sought after due to its amazing appearance with the different minerals, colors, striations, deposits and veins. The polish created by diamond polishers gives it a glass-like finish which highlights its beauty and depth of color.

  2. Why choose quartz or engineered marble?
    Quartz and Engineered stone countertops have gained much popularity in recent years due to their strength, variety of choices, and exceptionally low maintenance needs. These are the most durable surfaces, are resistant to stains and heat damage, and have no need for sealing.

  3. How is thin stone (1cm) seven times stronger than 3cm (1/4") granite?
    Our thin stone is reinforced with a fiberglass backing which allows the stone to bend without breaking.

  4. Why wouldn't we just tear out our counter tops?
    Tearing out your counter tops can cause collateral damage to your cabinets and surrounding areas. Counter tops also add strength to cabinets in the same manner that drywall adds strength to framed walls. Additionally, 2cm and 3cm stone is very heavy and the added weight can cause stress damage to older cabinets that are not designed to handle the weight. If your cabinets are in good shape resurfacing your countertop is the way to go. If you need new cabinets, the choice would be to replace your tops with 2cm or 3cm stone. Regardless of your needs, South Florida Countertops, inc. is your one stop shop for all your countertop needs.

  5. Does granite hold or grow bacteria?
    A common misconception about granite is that it is difficult to clean. Research has shown that due to its glass-like finish that granite is the least likely of all available counter top materials to hold bacteria! In other words, you are safer with granite than any other products!

  6. Should I just bring in the measurements of my kitchen to get a price quote?
    No. In order to get an accurate price, you should call us and schedule a FREE ESTIMATE. A representative from our company will come to your home and give you a “final price” quote. Remember: unless someone has measured your home, you do not have a final price!

  7. How hard is it to reseal granite and how often does it need to be done?
    Resealing granite is as simple as waxing your furniture. How often you seal your granite depends on the color, but you would normally seal it about every one to two years.

  8. Can we cut on our granite or set a hot pan on it?
    You can cut on granite, but since granite is nearly as hard as diamond, you may want to spare your expensive cutlery. Be careful when setting a hot pan on your granite because stone holds heat and can remain hot long after a pan has been removed.

  9. Which countertop product requires the least amount of maintenance?
    Engineered stone is currently in the lead for needing the least amount of maintenance. These surfaces are the most durable surface material, are resistant to stains and acid damage, heat resistant, and do not need sealing or resealing. Engineered stone is made up by a majority of quartz which is the fourth hardest material behind diamond, topaz and sapphire.

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